Information for Citizens

The aim of the Information for Citizens Unit is to reply to the requests for information on the Chamber by institutions, bodies and citizens in general, such as:

1.  Parliamentary activity: replies to questions on the current status of proceedings with references to Official Bulletins and Journal of Debates

2.  Membership of parliamentary bodies

3.  Competitive public examinations to the different Bodies of the Cortes Generales

4.  Scholarships sponsored by the Congress of Deputies

5.  Tenders for goods and services


Requests for information to the Information for Citizens Unit may be posed through the following channels:

Telephone:    +34 91 390 62 96

By fax:      +34 91 390 60 20


Postal address:            Dirección de Comunicación - Atención al Ciudadano

                                   Plaza de las Cortes, núm. 1

                                   28014 Madrid