Rules of the Book lending Service

The lending of Library works is conditional on respecting the following rules:

  a.  Members of Congress, Senators, and personnel of the Parliaments will be allowed to use the lending service. 
  b.  The user should provide personal identification and it should be current at all times.
  c.  Each time this service is utilized, the user must present the library card that will have been given by the Library. 
  d.  The following works are excluded from lending: 
       1.  Those more than fifty years old. 
       2.  Those that are out of print and those that would be difficult to recover in case of loss. 
       3.  Works of consultation or reference, such as compendiums, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and other similar works.
       4.  Volumes that are part of a series or collection, the loss of which would leave the collection incomplete.  
  e.  The lending period will be 20 days maximum, but asking for the corresponding renewal can increase this time, as long as another user has not requested the book.
  f.  The number of titles simultaneously lent to the same reader cannot be higher than fifteen, except in cases where the nature of the work requires more information, in which case the reader may solicit and obtain authorization from the Director of Studies and Documentation.