Archive of the Congress


Temporary limited access to the researchers ' room of the Archive of the Congress of Deputies.

Until further notice, researchers wishing to visit the Archive in person shall do so by appointment calling +34  91 390 62 88 


Histórico de Diputados (1810-1977)
Presupuestos Generales del Estado
Cadiz, 200 years ago
Spanish Constitutions (1812 – 1978)
Papeles para la historia (1812-1977)
Valoración de fondos documentales y bibliográficos
Exposiciones celebradas con la participación del ACD


Location: Ground floor of the first expansion building
Information number: 91-390-6288
Fax number: 91-390-6331
Hours: 9h to 21h Monday through Friday
Hours for researchers are from 9h30 to 20h30, Monday through Friday

The Archives gather the whole of documents produced or received by the Chamber in order to preserve and arrange them for possible utilization in parliamentary work, administrative management or in research.



Chronologically covers the period from 1808 to present. Also maintains the Archive of Sardinia section and the series of Cortes de Castilla.
Consists of approximately ten thousand bundles of documentation that are divided into two sections: parliamentary holdings and administrative holdings.
It also has an archive of sound and image.

Parliamentarians and civil servants of the Parliament

Persons who possess the investigator's identification card of Congress

Orientation and information concerning holdings of the archive
Reading room
Searches of documents and procedures of parliamentary initiatives
Inquiry of databases of Parliament.
Loan for exhibitions and cultural activities
Certification of records
Reproduction of documents