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The Documentation Department was established in 1984, after the Rules on the documentary services of the Congress of Deputies were approved by the Bureau of the Chamber. Its aim was to improve and widen the information and documentary resources then available for the MPs, in order to ensure them a better performance while complying with their duties and during their parliamentary activity. Since then, and in so doing, it provides as well direct documentary and information assistance to the different bodies of the Chamber and to its staff.

The information dissemination activities of the Department are developed, on the one hand, by dealing directly and individually with the requests of its users, and on the other hand by producing and editing the following electronic publications: of free access, the Dossiers collection (comprising the Legislative series for every Bill received in the Chamber, and the General series), and only accessible for the Intranet's authorized users, the Parliamentary information bulletin and the NOVEDADES (Novelties) alert bulletin, comprising six series: Spanish documents, European Union, International organizations, Foreign documents, Books and Magazine's articles. Every series allows immediate access to the full texts of its references. At the same time, and as a complement, the Department manages the subscriptions to different external electronic resources, directly accessible through the Intranet of the Chamber and only for its authorized users.

It produces and maintains as well three different catalogues (Periodicals, Analytical articles' references or magazine's articles, and e-documents), which can be accessed freely and either individually or as a union catalogue through the Congress' General catalogue of bibliographical holdings. Each of these catalogues allows making general or assisted research, as well as searches pre-defined by subjects. The Periodicals holdings comprise more than 2.600 titles, including the dead or ceased journals, some of which have a great bibliographical and historical value, and the current collections on use (197 titles), received both in paper and/or in electronic formats.

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